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Why Should I Junk My Car In Melbourne VIC?

Did you know nearly all of vehicles in Victoria are reusable, but only a fraction of it goes to scrap yards and car recycle yards in Melbourne. or it ends up at Auction places. But In part, the drivers and vehicle owners have no idea what are the benefits of scrapping the old junk vehicles are.

Recycling and scraping of old, oil leaking cars is very beneficial to the environment, if we can reuse the car’s metal, plastic, rubber and steel and not to mention, car Engines, alone can be very beneficial and save the planet and specially Australia of essential resources such as limestone, coal, and iron ore.


In addition to all these benefits, our environment can be saved from oil leaks, car paint and Tyre dust which are the main causes of serious illnesses and other hazardous health issues.

It is good idea to recycle your unwanted old car, so to save the planet and soil from harmful chemicals, rubbers, wires and old tires(harmful chemicals released to our environment). for our kids and future generation. Scraping and removing your old, unwanted vehicle  can also put extra cash in your pocket. And it’s easier than you think mate.

Bennet junk car removal company Melbourne

Your car can be essential part of your life and as many say is your car can be your baby, but it can also turn into a nightmare and burden. Cars are an essential but expensive requirement for countless Australians, each day millions of Australians travel to and from work, and rely on their cars for livelihood and other essential things. Over the weekends and all public holidays, millions of Austrians use their baby for picnic, leisure, holidaying around Australia and site seeing.

This is especially true in the case of Melbourne. Victoria’s capital is known as “Fast Car City” for a reason. As Melbourne is growing to a bigger population, so Melbourne’s car owners, and as a result of economic growth in Melbourne, there are millions of people in Melbourne buying cars and disposing of their old cars, so no who will take all these scrap cars in Melbourne? we think it unfair if all these rusty old car goes into landfill, and we will witness in no time our landfill is going to be full with all of these old and unwanted cars.

We are the largest car removals company in Melbourne

Since the early 20th century, most major Vehicle manufacturers such as Ford and Toyota, Holden, Mazda have chosen Melbourne or one of its neighbor for their headquarters and Head offices.

That leads to over 19.5 million cars on Australian roads, each of which has an average lifespan of 11.4 years. What’s the next step when your baby becomes your old and teary, leaking oil, bust gasket, broken glass and so on?

Sit Back And Relax, Bennet Wreckers Is Here To Take Care Of Your Old Car

At Bennet Junk Car Removal Melbourne, we are ready to help scrap your car and literally pay you top dollars for your car. We are here in Melbourne around the cloak waiting for all Melbournians to call us, so we can go and pick up all junk and scrap car, and recycle it for better future for our kids. So, what are you waiting for, please call one of our friendly staff for instant quote or leave your contact detail in our Contact-Us Page.

Our Services are as follows:

It doesn’t matter where you live in Victoria, we can reach you and we can provide service and we can remove your old and unwanted car from any corners of Melbourne. We have fleet of friendly and hardworking tow truck operators, who works around the clock to come and remove your old junk car and we can pay you the TOP Dollars cash for your car.




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