Damaged Cars

Did you know that at our company, We offer the best top dollar for your scrap junk car’s, Utes, Station Wagons, Suv, Truck’s, Van’s and any old vehicle, small or large, old or new, rusty or oil leaking that is taking up large useful space in your garage, driveway or grass..

Call us today at Melbourne car wrecker and removal company and tell us about the your old car’s year, make and model and pick up address of your junk car and our expert specialist pick up team can arrange to pick up your vehicle immediately with top money guaranteed. just call us to experience the difference.

Our Pick up process is very simple, easy paper work, hassle free service, no excuses, no tricks and delays. We will pick up your old vehicle straight away.

Tips, Don’t wait for long time for your old car to get rusty on your driveway, lawn and nature strip and in the harsh Melbourne weather and in the Hot sun in the heavy and cold rain and take your valuable space and lose more value, if you sure and think that it had its good happy days and is now ready to be picked up and scrapped at a scrap yard in Melbourne, Call us immediately to scrap your old car in an environmentally friendly way at our Scrap yard and give you top dollars and professional friendly service for your scrap vehicle.

We Remove all damaged cars in Melbourne, Altona, Dandenong, Pakenham Areas.

Did you know that no vehicle is better or useful, if you can’t drive it anymore on the highway or road, and keeping it in your driveway, lawn, grass, nature strip or your garage using up valuable space is the biggest mistake you will ever make, because your vehicle will sit and leak water and oil, rust over time losing its market value.

Take Action and Scrap it with us sooner than later.We offer TOP MONEY for your Scrap Car!!


Just call Ali Esmaili on 0432 820 831 or 0424 363 256 for Instant quote

We remove any make or model, any year, running or not running.

Did you know that Removing, Selling & Scraping your Old unwanted car is Very Easy!

When you call us today, you get the best service and also comfort and convenience of getting your old, damaged, junk, unwanted vehicle removed from your property with professional qualified removal team and absolutely no hassle at all.

We offer you professional and the best value for your unwanted junk car and tow it away for free, straight away! Our services are as follows:

  1. We Service all Greater Melbourne and nearly all Greater Melbourne Suburbs
  2. We offer Free Towing for your Junk Scrap Vehicle
  3. Instant On Spot Top Money Payment, for your scrap vehicles based on the year make and model,
  4. Our Expert teams provide Instant Quote provided over the phone Or via email
  5. Super Easy, convenient, professional, courteous, hassle free, express, safe and reliable service for scrap vehicle removal Service
  6. Same day Express service. We Service all Greater Melbourne and country Victoria 24×7, So call us today!

We have huge scrap yard in Dandenong, Melbourne and we do Scrap your junk car safely, and according to Victorian health and safety guidelines.

We strictly follow Victorian and Australian Health and Safety Guidelines for all removing and Scraping of all Old junk vehicles.