Cash for cars Melbourne



We buy junk cars and unwanted cars in Melbourne city and greater Melbourne areas. We pay top dollars for unwanted cars in Melbourne that are wrecked, burned, scraped and no longer on the Victorian roads, un-roadworthy, beyond repair and simply needs to be taken out of the road for safety reasons to a salvage yard. Unwanted or Junk cars in Melbourne have functioning engine or car parts such as doors or windows, wiper, bonnets and other parts to be resold to those who’s cars broken down and in need of same make and model parts. On the other hand, any of the car component that are aren’t reusable, be scraped and melted down into scrap and send it to recycle yard for recycling purposes.

We are Melbourne’s #1 Cash For Junk Car Company

We have Service All Around Melbourne And Greater Melbourne Areas.

Trading in your car, van, utes, SUV, or truck to a junkyard is one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly options when it reaches the point where it can no longer be driven or you’re spending far too much on repairs. We are aware of its significance in Melbourne, Victoria. Not only will you get paid cash for your car, but if you take it to the right junkyard, it will also be properly recycled, which will benefit the environment and you financially. Do yourself and environment a favor and call Bennet Wreckers And Car Removals to SELL Your old and junk car that you no longer need, so we can Recycle and clean our environment for our future kids.

If You Car About Australian Environment, Then Please Call Us, So We Can Remove Your Junk Car And Clean Up The Environment

At Bennet Wreckers And Car Removals, we take great pride in the attention to detail we put into collecting and getting rid of liquid wastes like hazardous coolant, fuel, motor oil, and windshield washer fluid. These contaminants would contaminate our water supply and destroy our land if proper recycling efforts weren’t made. Additionally, by recycling the metal parts of the car, 85 million barrels of oil that would typically be required to produce new and replacement car parts are no longer required!