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How to Get Maximum top dollars for Your Junk , old Unwanted Car Quickly

If you think that your old car is worthless or has no market value? Think again. Your old car has engine(dead or alive), it has body, parts and above all, it has solid body frame that can contain 1.5 or more tons of steel. All of that’s valuable to the right company, and Bennet Car Removal Melbourne makes getting top money for your junk vehicle.


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Are you looking tirelessly to sell your old car, suv, truck and other vehicles in Melbourne, Altona, Werribee and Brighton? Look no further, we are here to help you remove the vehicle at the best top money payment.

The following are some reasons, why you may want to get rid of your scrap junk vehicle quicky:

The breaks are not working and dangerous

Are your vehicle’s breaks is near to end of its life? You can’t drive in a country like Australia with the car and should remove it immediately.

It is taking your valuable space

You have bought a new car recently but because of workload can’t be bother to get rid of your old vehicle? If it is taking a lot of space, then this is a sign that its time to say goodbye to your old baby car.

Rusting Vehicle

If your old car sitting for a long period of time, in your property then rust is an enemy for the vehicle and can eat the engines, finish your breaks and cause a lot of other health issues. If because of rust all the hinges of the car are coming apart, no amount of rust oil can help. Time to say goodbye to your old car.

You are Short of money

Do you know you can make good money with removing and scraping your old car and selling it for scrap yard?  Its immediate money on the pick up and you don’t have to do a thing than make up your mind about giving it away.

Are you looking for Scrap Car Buyer for good deal, then you are at the right page


We Remove any make or model cars from Greater Melbourne Area

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What Are Rules and Regulation in Victoria and My Responsibilities When Selling My Unwanted Vehicle

Bennet Melbourne Car Removal is a top of its class professional company that offering wrecking, scraping, car breaking , and car removals service run by highly experienced and hard working employees that know the industry very well. in our company Customer service is highly prioritised every step of the way, from receiving phone call, all the way to pick up your old vehicle. However, we think there are some safety stesp the customer will be expected to take before selling their old, junk, unwanted Vehicles.

  1. You’ll need to check your unwanted vehicle thoroughly and clear any thing eg. important papers, money, cosmetics, photos and clothing, jewellery and so on. Out of the vehicle so to avoid potential loss of property later, and sometimes it is regrettable, that some people do not check their unwanted cars thoroughly.
  2. You will need to call Vic Roads and cancel your plates, or you can take the plates off and can take it to Vic Roads and claim your remaining money which you already paid for the vehicles plates. it is very important to remove your unwanted vehicle’s plates.
  3. Don’t forget to cancel your insurance policy in the vehicle which you have paid with your hard earned money. To avoid further trouble with your insurance company please cancel your insurance related to the vehicle.
  4. finally make sure you have the correct address of the pick up of your unwanted vehicle so we can arrange and pick up your unwanted vehicle immediately and pay you top dollars that we have promised you.
  5. Please Note: due to Victorian Wrecking and Car Removal Law changes, we no longer offering Cash for your car. We either transfer money to your account electronically or through check or other legal banking methods.

for further information about how best we can provide service to you please, leave your Name, Phone number and your Address in the Contact page of our website or kindly call Ali Esmaili on 0432 820 831

We Offer the best Money for your junk Unwanted car. Call us today to see the difference.