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Sell your old, unwanted, junk car with Bennet Wreckers and Car Removal

Melbourne car removal

Did you know Bennet Car Wreckers is the best Auto car Removals in Dandenong and Greater Melbourne area?

We remove old, junk cars from greater Melbourne Area.

Are you tired of seeing that piece of leaking, broken, hazardous, old junk car which you bought years ago(new and flashy) when you were still in your early teens or twenties for fun and show off with your friends lying in your parking lot?

Well, if you are in Melbourne then you are in luck because we will not only help you get rid of it but also pay you for your scrap car. If you thought that’s it, you can’t sell your old, leaking junk car, then we are happy to let you know that, that is not the only good news we have for you today as there is still more to come.

We at Bennet Wreckers and car removal company in Melbourne which offers you a good instant quote is quite hard nowadays especially in Melbourne, where there are heaps of them.

They are too good to be true, give you an instant quote and once they turn up at your pick up address, takes you on a very long spin and claims a lot of defects on your vehicle and offer dirt cheap price.

At the end of the day, they are the ones who trick you will benefit. The ones who decide to take your scrap car with them to their yard will promise you a top cash, only to take you for a spin. Thus you end up wondering and chasing them around the block so they can give you the top cash they have promised when they collected your old car.

Luckily we here car removal Melbourne sing to a different song tune, and we will not try to rip you off, because you are desperate for money. Instead, we are Bennet Wreckers and car removal Company in Melbourne, and we will give you top dollar for your old unwanted scrap car removal once we agree. That means it’s an instant deal and we mean business.

That is the reason why we call ourselves the best car removal company in Melbourne,  because we take the car and you Smile!

We live you with a lot of money which your junk old car worth. Therefore you can now sleep in peace because your neighbours will no longer be complaining about how your scrap car is parked at nature strip and they can’t get around em!

 You can now buy a latest model car without worrying about leaking oil, leaking radiator, burst, punctured old tyre and where to park it on nature strip or driveway because there will be more room for your new latest car model.

Now, You can park your new car any where you want, without worrying of local council Inspectors looking for dirt on streets and oil leaks.

And it can save you a lot of money in the long run, so you don’t have to buy grease remover to remove your junk car oil leak stain from the road or street.

Please call Ali Esmaili on 0432 820 831 for instant quote and how to remove your old junk car.


Why is your old junk Unroad worthy Car Removal is so important

Why Our Old,leaking, Rusty, junk Car Removal Solutions Are so Important

When you have a oil leaking and broken down old car in your driveway, nature strip or yard, you may wonder why it’s so important to have junk old cars removed?  For starters, many cities in Australia have local council and RTA laws that mandate the removal of old ans unwanted vehicle that do not run within a certain time limit in order to keep your neighborhood attractive, green and safe and free of health hazards.

At Bennet Car Removal Melbourne. We can help and  Give you Top Dollars for Junk and old vehicles. Our services is fast and help you abide the local council, Vic Roads law and receive fast, easy money at the same time. So turn to us to avoid the following issues and headaches:

Cash for Scrap metal Melbourne
Old Car Removal Melbourne Dandenong Victoria
  1. Eyesores: Your old car that has been sitting immobile on your nature strip, your lawn or driveway may not seem like a big deal at first look, but over time, with Melbourne rain and weather condition rust and dirt start to appear, making it look worse and worse over time.
  2. Inconvenience: Who wants to have to mow or maneuver around an old car on the nature strip or your lawn? Make the most of your space by taking advantage of our scrap car removal solutions in Melbourne.
  3. Health Issues for family: Very Old rusty, oil and fluid leaking vehicles that if you ignore and dump it at your property , it might become for all insect big and small and bring all sorts of health issues to your family . As we all know, insects are attracted to food to survive, when these insects smell food and are attracted to your old vehicle, chances are they can wreck a havoc and also get into other areas of your property. Over time As you ignore and they reproduce, these pests sooner or later can invade your property, bringing with them germs and other bacteria that can make you and your family very sick and unwell. However, with our Melbourne junk car removal services all around Melbourne, you can avoid this danger and avoid this.
  4. Danger to people: old cars can bring a variety of safety hazards, including dirt, oil leaks, rust and broken glass. Your immobile vehicles that sit idle on your house not only cause health issues, but also liabilities. If someone on your property is injured trying to operate the unraodworthy vehicle, you could be liable for TAC medical bills. Why let your old or junk vehicle rust and collect dirt when you could turn it into money right now and get top dollars for it?
  5. Environmental Hazards and Issues: The oil leaks, dirt fluids that drip from your unroad worthy old cars can have a devastating effect on your property and driveway, and they even seep into the sewerage . Removing your old unwanted cars from your yard or driveway can help keep your house, driveway and lawn safer, healthier, and cleaner. When you take advantage of our cash for junk car removal services, natural resources also stay clean and safe.

Just call Ali Esmaili on 0432 820 831 or M J on 0421 352 239for Instant quote


Bennet Scrap metal

If you have an old junk car that has seen good days, now your old car is no longer reliable, and is not worth fixing, the traditional old used car market is not a practical option. Your untrustworthy leaking rusty old vehicle is worth very little, and it will not even appeal to someone looking for very basic transportation. What can you do to get top Dollars for your car?

Bennet Scrap Metal- Old Car Removal Melbourne

Scrap Value for old unwanted car

While there is some rules process, you can get a rough idea of what is your old unwanted car is worth, purely as scrap. A large part of this relates to how much your car weighs. Small vehicles will weigh the least, while full-size Utes and SUVs will weigh the most.

Please call us or leave your contact detail for further quote.

Using the current market prices for these scrap items, you can get an approximate value for your old vehicle’s scrap metal content. Remember that these are post-processing prices, so you will not get that much for your unprocessed vehicle.

in normal circumstances it might take some time and some mechanical equipment to break down and process your car into bits and useful pieces and also to separate metals from your car and that might costs the scrapyard money in Melbourne.

How to get the best possible top money for your old scrap vehicle?

Now you might be wondering, what is the process and how to get the best value fir your old, unwanted, oil leaking car, that you feel so bad about?

well, this is depends, on the condition, make, model of the car, whether the vehicle is running or not, whats the condition of outside and inside of the car?

Your old junk car may still have good scrap value, even if the car engine is running or not, depending on the car.

just a few questions:

is your old vehicle is still intact?

is your car a good reputable models like Ford, Holden, Toyota that has sold in significant quantities?

Are most of the vehicles like it still on the road?

If your answer is yes, to all the above question,, then your car’s body, engine and all other interior and exteriors are still to be in demand from automotive recycles and scrap yards in Melbourne. Shop your car to various recycle yards in Melbourne or Dandenong area to see who will give you the best offer possible.

Or alternatively try us at Bennet Scrap Metal in Dandenong, Melbourne and see our offer for your old, unwanted car scrap metal.

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Greater Melbourne Car Removal

Why should i junk my Car in Melbourne VIC?

Did you know nearly all of vehicles in Victoria are reusable, but only a fraction of it goes to scrap yards and car recycle yards in Melbourne. or it ends up at Auction places.

 But In part, the drivers and vehicle owners have no idea what are the benefits of scrapping the old junk vehicles are.

Recycling and scraping of old, oil leaking cars is very beneficial to the environment, if we can reuse the car’s metal, plastic, rubber and steel and not to mention, car Engines, alone can be very beneficial and save the planet and specially Australia of essential resources such as limestone, coal, and iron ore.

In addition to all these benefits, our environment can be saved from oil leaks, car paint and Tyre dust which are the main causes of serious illnesses and other hazardous health issues.

It is good idea to recycle your unwanted old car, so to save the planet and soil from harmful chemicals, rubbers, wires and old tires(harmful chemicals released to our environment). for our kids and future generation.

Scraping and removing your old, unwanted vehicle  can also put extra cash in your pocket. And it’s easier than you think mate.

Your car can be essential part of your life and as many say is your car can be your baby, but it can also turn into a nightmare and burden. Cars are an essential but expensive requirement for countless Australians, each day millions of Australians travel to and from work, and rely on their cars for livelihood and other essential things. 

Over the weekends and all public holidays, millions of Austrians use their baby for picnic, leisure, holidaying around Australia and site seeing.

This is especially true in the case of Melbourne. Victoria’s capital is known as “Fast Car City” for a reason.

Since the early 20th century, most major Vehicle manufacturers such as Ford and Toyota, Holden, Mazda have chosen Melbourne or one of its neighbor for their headquarters and Head offices.

That leads to over 19.5 million cars on Australian roads, each of which has an average lifespan of 11.4 years. What’s the next step when your baby becomes your old and teary, leaking oil, bust gasket, broken glass and so on?

At Bennet Melbourne Car Removal, we are ready to help scrap your car and literally pay you top dollars for your car.

So, what are you waiting for, please call one of our friendly staff for instant quote or leave your contact detail in our Contact-Us Page.